Meet the people
who make it happen

TFF Core Team

Christine Gould

Christine is the Founder and CEO of Thought For Food (TFF), a unique non-profit innovation platform that empowers brilliant students globally to generate bold, new solutions that tackle the world’s food issues. Currently comprised of more than 3000 students from 300 universities in 52 countries – and growing every year – TFF is making real impact. To date, the program has resulted in the generation of hundreds of innovative and viable business plans, and the establishment of at least 10 new student-led companies dedicated to improving food security around the world. While serving as the Head of Next Generation Innovation and Engagement at Syngenta in Switzerland, Christine created TFF out of her belief that the power to solve the most pressing challenges faced by humanity lies with the next generation. She holds an MPA with a concentration in Science and Technology Policy from Columbia University and a BA in Political Science and Economics from The American University. She has spent her career working on agriculture and food issues in various leading organizations in the United States and across Europe and in 2013 was named into Ashoka Changemakers League of Intraprenuers. She’s obsessed with all things science and tech, open innovation, contemporary art, modern architecture and dancing to electronic music.

Lorena Galvan

An entrepreneur at heart, Lorena co-founded Henlight, a start-up dedicated to providing appropriate technologies for small-scale agricultural productions and winner of the 2013 TFF Challenge winner. Lorena joins the TFF team with a focus on content development and media outreach. In her previous work, she developed programs to counsel and connect Millennials to high-impact and entrepreneurial careers; implemented initiatives to increase the economic development of agricultural regions in California; and worked in rural communities as an educator in California, Oregon, India and Brazil. A graduate of the University of Oregon, Lorena is committed to supporting new innovations for global food security.

Jared Yarnall-Schane

Jared has started two small agricultural businesses, and brings his unique experiences in entrepreneurship to the TFF community. While living with a smallholder farm family in rural Kenya, Jared worked with millennials to create a food preservation business. Through this work, he realized how important it is to be connected to our food, and in 2013 he returned home to launch GreenTowers, a design firm that lets anyone, anywhere grow their own food. These experiences have shaped his worldview that millennial empowerment is key towards creating a healthier and happier world, and that people need to be connected to each other and this planet we share. Jared attended Penn State University where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. In the past, he worked as an engineer at an Internet of Things startup, a trip leader with Adventure Recreation, and as an Engineering Entrepreneurship Teaching Intern.

2015/16 TFF Ambassadors