How complex the problem is? by

How complex the problem is? / Published February 10, 2017 by István Kertész

István Kertész

How complex the problem is?

A great article about the complexity of the exact problem we aim to solve: "Air freighting of green beans from Kenya into the UK was seen as unsustainable because of air miles but it also supports up to 1.5m people and livelihoods in some of the poorest regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. (...) it is day-to-day food waste – both at home and in supply chains – that can make any diet unsustainable whether you choose to be vegan, vegetarian, a meat eater or a combination of these. Different preservation formats can reduce food waste to zero. (...) of course we can source more food locally and seasonally as well as considering preserved options if we want to cut down on air miles."