NEW BUSINESS PLANNING AND STRATEGY TOPIC:COCOUS NUCIFERA POWDER Executive Summary:- The problem or condition being addressed  Examine management's assumptions, perceptions, predispositions about the market, and determine to what extent they are valid.  Use one or more of the following Business plan strategies: Use, improve marketing; advertising; trade shows; direct mail; market research; public relations; etc. A brief account of the issue and its present status  Product for business:-Implement &Improve the technology of Business plan products and services by adding one new dimension to it Eg:-Rasna (Coconut flavor), Rasna (Cocum Flavor).  Finance for business:-Apply at your local bank to finance your start up business. You will need to provide them with a business plan, including proposed income. Getting a large business loan at the bank may be difficult, however, if your credit is not the best or if you are a young entrepreneur with no credit. It is still worth a try, and you may just get approved. The B-Plan:- Statement of the initiative  Goals & Objective of Business Set up check list: - How determined am I to see this succeed? Am I willing to invest my own money and work long hours for no pay, sacrificing personal time and lifestyle, maybe for years? What’s going to happen to me if this venture doesn't work out? If it does succeed, how many employees will this company eventually have? What will be its annual revenues in a year? Five years? What will be its market share in that time frame? Will it be a niche marketer, or will it sell a broad spectrum of good and services? What are my plans for geographic expansion? Local? National? Global? Am I going to be a hands-on manager, or will I delegate a large proportion of tasks to others? If I delegate, what sorts of tasks will I share? Sales? Technical? Others? How comfortable am I taking direction from others? Could I work with partners or investors who demand input into the company's management? Is it going to remain independent and privately owned, or will it eventually be acquired or go public? Study the competition within your Business plan industry to find out what works and what doesn't. Observe your competitors to see which directions they're taking and take note of the concepts they quickly abandon. Details of the execution plan  Anticipate challenges. An important part of thinking strategically is being able to predict what issues will arise and devising a plan to confront those issues ahead of time. Don’t spend all of your resources focusing on growing your business at the expense of competing in today's market. The successes you have today build the foundations for tomorrow. Strategy execution takes longer, involves more people, demands the consideration and integration of many key variables or activities, and requires an effective feedback or control system to keep a needed focus on the process of execution over time. The key here is management support from the top down to create a culture of execution and maintain a focus on execution and its benefits. Strategy, structure, incentives, controls, coordination, culture, changes, etc. Is a costly mistake that detracts from strategy-execution success? Lay out key decisions, actions, and capabilities needed for successful execution; support the model and execution plan with effective incentives and controls; create structures and processes that support desired strategic and operating objectives; and manage execution as a change process in which agreement and commitment are sought and rewarded.  Creating and reinforcing behaviors related to execution will impact culture; culture will reflect the critical execution-related behaviors. It is important to design, reward and otherwise support the right behaviors, those that are vital to making strategy work, in order to create and nurture a culture of execution. Feasibility and sustainability of the idea  Invest in upgrading outdated systems. Business plans that are behind the times in terms of information technology often have difficulty growing their business, because they cannot meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. You may be able to keep existing customers with your current system, but you will not be able to compete for new customers with leading edge companies that employ modern system.  Develop a plan to go global. Entering into the global market can grow your business exponentially, but it requires a significant investment of resources and can be risky. Unless your company is capable of exporting goods and services immediately, you'll need to create strategies to get your business to a point where it can afford the risk of going international. Magnitude of impact on the society  The return on investment from environmental strategies, such as energy efficiency and responsible resource consumption, is relatively easy to measure internally and to demonstrate. The business case for responsible policies is harder to ascertain, yet these more intangible matters have an important impact on the communities in which businesses operate.Reporting changes mindframes, supports dialogue and helps build understanding and trust between business and communities. Novelty and scalability of the Idea How is my initiative unique?  Training programme:-Establish formal and informal programs to give social recognition to high performers in every department. Every day make it a point to go out and find someone doing something right and recognize it. Define clear paths for career development in the Business plan and put in place an effective performance appraisal system to evaluate people's performance and help them to acquire higher level abilities. A Readiness Assessment Survey and an Operational BI Maturity Model to assess how well you are optimising your business.A comprehensive series of white papers that includes a ‘How To’ methodology to help you plan and implement business optimisation from end-to-end.A 2-day Right-time BI and Performance Management masterclass to educate you on methodologies and technologies for implementing operational BI.Best practice workshopsBusiness Optimisation and Operational Business consulting services to assist you in planning, design and implementation strategy for embedding Business Intellegence in processes.A strategy for complex event processing for timely analysis and response to business events. Is my plan replicable?  Give greater personal attention to the people you work with not to their work and encourage them to do likewise with their people.  Maintain clear and effective two-way communication with all employees. Implications of the same on society  Business integrates the moral and economic values that make capitalism work in a socially acceptable way in modern society. Business owners form the backbone of their local communities: they work in their businesses; they live near their businesses; they participate in community activities; they support local charities; they share community concerns. Most of them maintain a high level of business ethics in the course of providing jobs to their employees, and goods and services to their customers.  Sustainable Innovation of business product: - Business model innovations that are driven by sustainability got attention: dematerialization, open loops, low-carbon energy, and restorative innovations. The industrial Internet got a lot of attention, while an annual assessment of sustainability practices showed that sustainable innovation was the common thread among successful sustainability programs.