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Logo Sketching Sessions / Published August 26, 2015 by Akshay Kore

Akshay Kore

Logo Sketching Sessions

To reduce food wastage, our team decided to develop a service and products that enable this service. We asked ourselves, how could we enable farmers and stakeholders to reduce wastage during storage in multiple scenarios including static and transit situations. We decided that we would focus on the problems surrounding food grains since it is a large section of food being consumed in India.
The logo had to reflect the idea of reducing the problem of food grain wastage and that it would be implemented in an Indian context. The word 'Dhaan' in sanskrit means grain. We started with the concept of a grain storage bag, however this logo would not be appropriate for every touchpoint in the service. It was decided that the logo should be simpler and would use only letters. The letter D corresponds with the sanskrit letter 'ध' . When doing so, it still failed to convey the message and a wheat fern was added to the letters, thereby resulting in the current logo.