Israel and trickle irrigation by
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Israel and trickle irrigation / Published October 3, 2015 by Sayeed Mohammed

Sayeed Mohammed

Israel and trickle irrigation

A thriving irrigation technology industry has been developed, primarily on Israel’s kibbutzim, which has given birth to innovative technologies and devices, such as drip irrigation, automatic valves and controllers, media and automated filtration systems, low-discharge sprayers, mini-sprinklers, and compensated drippers and sprinklers.. More than 80% of the irrigation products manufactured in Israel are exported. Trickle irrigation has become a hallmark of Israeli agricultural technology around the world. This technology enables farmers to optimize water usage by channelling water in precise doses to where it is needed most. In addition, trickle irrigation limits evaporation, reduces the need for fertilizers and chemicals, facilitates the control of plant disease, and mitigates soil salination and weed growth.