Issues with Dairy Chains by
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Issues with Dairy Chains / Published November 22, 2015 by Mariana Velasco

Mariana Velasco

Issues with Dairy Chains

Dairy chains link the actors and activities involved in delivering milk and milk products to the final consumer; with each activity the product increases in value. Setting up an efficient, hygienic and economic dairy chain is a serious challenge in many developing countries. Among the reasons for this are:

- difficulties in establishing a viable milk collection and transport system because of
the small quantities of milk produced per farm and the remoteness of production
- seasonality of the milk supply
- poor transport infrastructure
- deficiency of technology and knowledge in milk collection and processing
- poor quality of the raw milk
- distances from production sites to processing units and on to consumers
- difficulties in establishing cooling facilities

At Intelligent productions we are aiming to tackle issues related seasonality of milk supply, processing of milk at the farm level and provision of cold storage facilities.