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World Food Analysis / Published November 24, 2015 by Dipika Rajesh

Dipika Rajesh

World Food Analysis

There are so many different ways to tackle the problem of hunger. We've

identified two key elements that need to be addressed. One is to increase

production, and the other is to decrease wastage.

During our research, we found some stats that literally stunned us. Food

wastage is a very common occurrence, often done unintentionally. But did you

know that around 1.3 billion tonnes of food and produce gets wasted? That is

2.86 trillion pounds of edible food that goes unused.

There are roughly 795 million people who are undernourished in today's world.

Can you imagine the change that we can make if we are just a little more

efficient? We would be able to feed every single person on this Earth, and still

have tonnes of food (quite literally) to spare. Our current agricultural practices,

while not sustainable, are certainly not incapable of feeding every human


So, are you as mind-blown as we were by that little bit of statistics right there?