Computer Assisted Design by
Hub City

Computer Assisted Design / Published November 24, 2015 by R. Emmet Brennan

R. Emmet Brennan

Computer Assisted Design

AutoCAD has served as a vital tool for Hub City in these past few months. Being able to visualize our project has given us a huge advantage in planning for the next steps.

Coming straight off the idea phase of the planning process, Hub City was largely dependent on chalkboard drawings and estimations. Trying to "eye" the dimensions of a large shipping container was difficult, and we learned that we are atrocious at drawing in perspective. The next meeting, Jon C. brought in his laptop, along with AutoCAD, and we set out to work immediately.

At our workplace, pictured above, we were able to draw freely on the chalkboard and plot what changes needed to be made to our idea. Our first alteration was creating a vestibule to trap the heat in one section - as shown in the picture. Next, we crunched some numbers and found out our ideal hallway space (for loading crops) and our maximum storage-to-drying ratio for the grains. After a brief switch from cylinders to rectangular silos (more volume), we calculated and finalized our maximum storage/drying capacity.

This turned out to be way higher than expected! Our visual had been a success, and we were finally able to confirm that our idea was feasible, practical, and had way more potential than we were initially able to see. Our CAD design, which will be featured in the video, gave us the needed insight into our specifications and allowed us to progress rapidly and accurately.