Case of study: Mr Ortolan. by

Case of study: Mr Ortolan. / Published November 26, 2015 by Kleiton L. G. Machado

Kleiton L. G. Machado

Case of study: Mr Ortolan.

Mr. Maester Ortolan, 49 years old, has been a rice farmer for about 30 years.
He transport his grains for approximately 600 kilometers.
During this transport, it is estimated that around 5% of grains drop out of the truck and stay in the roads.

Mr. Ortolan said:
"There have been a great improvement in harvesting and planting techniques in the last decades, however the post-harvesting steps still being a bottleneck in the production system".

We are losing in trasportation hundreds of possibilities to feed more people in Brazil and around the world.

Mr. Ortolan is with us!