Land Conversion in Indonesia by
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Land Conversion in Indonesia / Published November 28, 2015 by Zhafirah Putri Hutami

Zhafirah Putri Hutami

Land Conversion in Indonesia

Still discussing global food issue, this time I will talk about the reduction of agricultural land. you are wrong if it considers that this is not a big problem. Because in Indonesia alone, each year is not less than 110 000 hectares of paddy field switching function. The agricultural land conversion will lower food production, especially with the high population growth rate. Land conversion have two unfavorable impact in both economic and ecological impact. In terms of ecology, land conversion causes a decrease capacity of the land, and resulted in a decrease in water resources. From the economic side, land conversion is not only have an impact on agricultural production, but also resulting the loss of employment opportunities in rural areas, the loss of agricultural investment such as irrigation, infrastructure and others. For that we need to safe the world food security by helping owners of productive land, to cultivate the land.