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Media Partner / Published December 10, 2015 by Mush'ab Eddy Nursantio

Mush'ab Eddy Nursantio

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We are excited to tell you that our team now is collaborating with Glow For Indonesia as media partner and has been featured in Inspiring Indonesia project. Glow For Indonesia is a social community that is driven by young people, which aims to provide a positive impact for Indonesia. There are seven projects that are currently being executed: Lele Food, Parahyangan Green Challenge, Sharing with You, Gloria Morgen, Inspiring Indonesia, Ruang Cerita, De Expor. As the team keep progressing we hope another posts regarding BITEBACK will show up.

Hereby attached link of the article about BITEBACK written by TFF Global Ambassador for Indonesia Ratih Nawangwulan. Happy Reading :)