Agrosmart, smart farming simple as it should be by

Agrosmart, smart farming simple as it should be / Published December 10, 2015 by Caio Bacci

Caio Bacci

Agrosmart, smart farming simple as it should be

Mr. José is a farmer in Brazil, he used to have little or no control over his plantation. He did not know how much water and electricity he was using and wasting, which represents a big concern due to the high costs of irrigation and governmental regulations.

With the Agrosmart solution, Mr. José is able to know exactly when and how much he needs to irrigate. He has access to a dashboard that allows him to see in real time the status of his crops, receive alerts when something important happens and analyze historical data in order to understand relationships between environmental factors, decisions he had taken in the past and results related to productivity.

Agrosmart is a solution that promotes a more sustainable way of producing, understanding better our environment and optimizing the use of natural resources to achieve better results. Monitoring more than 10 environmental conditions, we allow growers, such as Mr. José, to have relevant data for a better decision-making regarding irrigation, crop development, diseases and pests.

As a result, we can save up to 60% of water in irrigation, energy and increase productivity at the same time, delivering to the plants what they really need at each moment.

We focus on the user experience and our intuitive system speaks the same language of growers like Mr. José.