"YOU" are the chosen ONE by

"YOU" are the chosen ONE / Published December 16, 2015 by Wan Muhamad Asrul Nizam Wan Abdullah

Wan Muhamad Asrul Nizam Wan Abdullah

"YOU" are the chosen ONE

Figure 1: 5-days old of MR269 rice cultivar planted in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Shadehouse.

Rice (Oryza sativa sp.) is the chosen one. Our group have decided to use Oryza sativa sp. (cultivar MR269) as our subject for this project. As generally know, rice is an important food crop that serves as a major carbohydrate source for nearly half of the world’s population (Mohanty, 2013). However, current practices of rice cultivation have resulted in various deleterious effects on environment and the global production of rice are unable to outweigh world's rice demand. Thus, we believed that by introducing "Second Generation of Green Revolution" could counteracts the current problems of rice cultivation and improving current food insecurity problems.

p/s: Background studies on Oryza sativa sp. will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned :)