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Way To Go / Published December 24, 2015 by Mitchel Chukwudi

Mitchel Chukwudi

Way To Go

This project has to be sustained, and this how we going about that while we are gathering the fruits from the wild for processing, we are also working with Breeders and Geneticist from the
Department Of Crop Science,
Faculty Of Agriculture
University Of Uyo Akwa-Ibom State,
To work on the improved Variety of the almond fruit so as to improve the growth rate compared to the one available in the wild, which takes more longer years to mature and start producing fruits, and also help to increase the nut size.
All this are been done to help meet the food, nutritional and environmental demand for the growing population.
plans are been made to fabricate an almond shelling machine in Nigeria, currently we are working with NCAM (National Center For Agricultural Mechanization) to help us build a prototype sheller for the fruits, while we are using the manual process.