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Expert Input / Published January 5, 2016 by Mush'ab Eddy Nursantio

Mush'ab Eddy Nursantio

Expert Input

“This product is an alternative solution for sustainable cooking oil. As we know available cooking oil in Indonesia like Palm oil is lack of nutrient and also cause environmental damage. Edible insects are already known of its essential minerals that could tackle mineral deficiency in Indonesia. The high contain of Polyunsaturated Fatty acids make this product suitable for our oil consumption. Even though the vitamin and mineral are easily dissolved when heated but eventually will be lost if used in really high temperature like deep frying. So to get the nutrient benefit from the product use it for low temperature cooking like we use olive oil.”
Dr. Ir. Nur Hidayat, MP.
Lecturer of Agroindustrial Technology, Agricultural Technology Faculty University of Brawijaya