Short Term Business Plan by

Short Term Business Plan / Published January 6, 2016 by Sloane Ansell

Sloane Ansell

Short Term Business Plan

There are many initiatives to assist farmers in Latin America to diversify their incomes. Neighboring farmers commonly plant the same crops as each other. When they sell their yields, markets become saturated thus profits drop significantly.

When we approached the Norman Borlaug Institute with our idea during the semester, they saw Entomon as a potential catalyst for this effort.

The purpose of our endeavors in Latin/South America is to establish Entomon's credibility. We understand that a new product cannot be successfully employed in other nations (or made available to consumers in markets) without a real-world set of trial and errors. Therefor, we are utilizing our immediate resources to create a financially viable pilot-program to test our product before expanding to other regions and cultures.

Our goals will be to understand the problems of our first-adopters, further develop the product and methods to reflect their needs, improve the barrel distribution and conversion process, and strengthen our supply-chain ties for the future.