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Feed prototype / Published January 7, 2016 by Chung Ngin Zhun

Chung Ngin Zhun

Feed prototype

Hey all as we have just shown the food products that can be made with our seaweed or macro-algae chips. Today, we are also unveiling our feed prototype mix that can be made into poultry feed mix that aids digestion of chickens with the fibre content.

Recent studies have shown that by introducing fibre into poultry feed. It reduces the pecking behavior of chickens due to the animals feeling fuller for longer reducing stress levels. Thus, reducing pecking in chicken that may lead to infections and may increase the use of antibiotics as well lowering animal welfare standards by having chickens going through the debeaking process.

BY using our feed prototype farmers are able to reduce cost by using less antibiotics and not have chickens undergo the debeaking process.