Data Analysis (Live Testing Version -5) [Questions 1-5] by
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Data Analysis (Live Testing Version -5) [Questions 1-5] / Published January 9, 2016 by Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

Data Analysis (Live Testing Version -5) [Questions 1-5]

When we took the primary research there were mainly 15 questions that we asked them rather than Name, Gender, Age, District, Profession. Basically we prepared questions in two (2) languages, one in Bengali and two in English. As they would not be able to understand English we had to translate same questions into Bengali but, for your convenience when we made entries in English at Google Survey from the basic Bengali (Bangladesh’s National Language) papers. We can show that as Appendix later on if required.

As you can see in Figure-1 when we asked them, “Do you face problems regarding cultivation methods that you are using now?” Among total amount of 51 persons, 47 person answered YES and 4 persons said NO. Among this 51 persons 13 were female and 38 were male. So, we can say more than 90% farmers suffer from different sort of cultivation problems.

In Figure-2 we asked them- “Do you face problems regarding irrigation, chemical &injection while farming?” 98% person farmers answered Affirmatively (YES) and other 2% only said NO. So, we can understand they face serious problems as irrigation, chemical & injection are crucial for proper cultivation.

Now if we look at to Figure-3 where we asked them- “Do you face problem of crop wastage every year due to not having enough cultivation progress or knowledge?” Among 51% farmers’ 100% people replied YES. They mentioned sadly that they think that they lack proper knowledge, though with time they get experienced but still due to rapid weather change everyone makes mistake and crop wastage takes place.

In Figure-4, we asked them- “Do you think if a community like us could help learning smart farming it would help?” 100% of them replied in Affirmative as we also mentioned in earlier blogs that they loved the process of Digital Cultivation or Smart Farming when we explained it to them.

As it can be seen that in Figure 5, we asked them- “Do you feel the community start helping at first and then they do not show up anymore?” Here is a big that we came to know that none other than us came to visit them for agricultural purpose, we are the 1st people to visit them for such important matter. So, in answer 49% which means 25 farmer said YES but 51% which means 26 farmers said NO. As none other NGO’s came to them. We visited three (3) districts and most of the farmers said the same.