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THE LID / Published January 9, 2016 by Salim Amar

Salim Amar


Along with the idea of the solar cooking panel, we designed an innovative lid. The lid is meant to recycle water for agricultural, cooking and drinking purposes. Water tends to evaporate and disappear into the atmosphere. In many underdeveloped countries, people live far from sources of water and its collection can take around 8 hours per day (mostly women are assigned to this task). By preserving it, fewer hours need to be spent on its collection allowing more people to enter the workforce and promote agricultural production.
By using a cooling system, the lid would condense the steam into liquid water and filter it to make it usable. We decided to add a reservoir in order to store this water. This lid can be implemented in underdeveloped and developed countries. Indeed, in developed countries it can be used in homes as well as restaurant or industries in order to save water.