Data Analysis (Live Testing Version -6) [Questions 6-10] by
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Data Analysis (Live Testing Version -6) [Questions 6-10] / Published January 9, 2016 by Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

Data Analysis (Live Testing Version -6) [Questions 6-10]

As you can see in Fingure-6 when we asked them, “Would you like to follow you traditional way of farming and wasting money as you are habituated with the method or would like to embrace new method and be productive in low cost?” Among total amount of 51 persons, 50 persons (98%) said YES they would embrace the new method as it will increase their productivity. In addition, they mentioned that where old habits are no more beneficial for new century and opportunity would be coming to their way, they would like to grab it and utilize it properly. Only 1 person (2%) said he would like to stick with the old one as because it might get hard for him understand this matter. We understand that he was quite scared about the procedural understanding which we will be teaching them in the easiest way possible.

In Figure-7 we asked them- “If we provide smart-farming without any cost and it helps you to benefit, would you come forward?” 100% person farmers answered Affirmatively (YES). They also mentioned that humans can make mistakes but machines cannot if it is designed properly for them. They are very enthusiastic to learn for better production of crops and to make their livelihood better than earlier

If we look at to Figure-8 where we asked them- “Do you think it would be a very good idea?” Among 51 farmers 100% people replied YES. They were very smart people, they said that in this new and competitive era if they have such competitive advantage for producing crops then middle-men who sells crops on behalf of them would not be able to exploit them like those middle-men do now.

In Figure-9, we asked them- “Would you come to the community if we provide a full nutrition package of food for coming and learning about smart farming from our community without any cost?” 100% of them replied in Affirmative. We had to ask this question because many farmers think after long day work, when they know after going home they have to do house chores they might become busy & tired to join our community. So, when we asked this question they said that would be very encouraging as we were understanding the problems regarding different sort of workloads.

As it can be seen that in Figure 10, we asked them- “Would or are you happy to know that you would get free food for your family?” Here 100% farmers that we surveyed said YES. This question is quite related to the previous question.