Data Analysis (Live Testing Version -7) [Questions 11-15] by
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Data Analysis (Live Testing Version -7) [Questions 11-15] / Published January 9, 2016 by Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

Nujhat Nakiba Khushbu

Data Analysis (Live Testing Version -7) [Questions 11-15]

As you can see in Fingure-11 when we asked them, “Do you think it could eradicate your agricultural problem which happens most of the time due to over use pesticides, fertilizer and improper irrigation?” Among total amount of 51 persons, 50 persons (98%) said YES they not only think but know so that how it hampers. Like they mentioned if a potato plant it over sprayed then it burns the plant. Likewise fertilizer is needed in different weather and situation, as they are human they often make some mistakes. These small mistakes ends up costing them much higher. So, they are more curious about the digital cultivation as it has the ability to eradicate such agricultural problems.

In Figure-12 we asked them- “Do you think we could help you, if you cooperate?” 100% person farmers answered Affirmatively (YES). They also mentioned that they know we won’t be able to continue far if farmers don’t come to the community and start learning the process along with using it. As their whole life depends on cultivation/farming, it would be really helpful and useful to them. They also said that they started having confidence on us and ‘Thought for Food” that they would help them heart and soul. So, they will keep and co-operate with us too.

If we look at to Figure-13 where we asked them- “Would you send your children and women (not only women farmers) for this sort of education so, they could help you too?” Among 51 farmers 98% (50 persons) said YES but 2% (1 person only) said No. They mentioned that they are farmers, when they return home they share the work among them and do accordingly. They need helping hands and nearest people usually helping them continuously. Even they plan their children will be farmer too, so children should educated too. So, we thought if everything other is constant (ceteris paribus) then we would be providing them some basic knowledge/education too.

In Figure-14, we asked them- “Are you eager to learn about internet and technology for better cultivation process through digital cultivation/ farming?” 100% of them replied in Affirmative. They said that sometimes they see advertisement in television about internet and its benefits which made them curious about it very long back. If learning internet can help them for better productivity they would definitely go for it.

As it can be seen that in Figure 15, we asked them- “Would you still come if digital cultivation process and the community took charge/money?” This was a very interesting question. As we surveyed 51 farmers, 17 (33%) farmers said YES that they will still come because they believed we won’t be taking too much charge from marginal community like them. Also said they know we are providing knowledge and food, if we can understand their problems they will come forward even if it takes money because they will be ultimately beneficial by having better production of crops, better livelihood and less exploitation possibility. But majority people said as they are poor farmers they do not have money to contribute here, they can hardly maintain their family. So, 34 (67%) farmers said NO.