The Moment of Revelation & The First Attempt by

The Moment of Revelation & The First Attempt / Published January 10, 2016 by Kazi Akib Annaf

Kazi Akib Annaf

The Moment of Revelation & The First Attempt

When we first decided to compete in TFF challenge, we started to brainstorm and generate ideas. While eating chicken grill in a restaurant and thinking about how we can feed 9 billion people by 2050, a moment of revelation occurred when Istehad saw a large number of chicken bones been thrown away to the bins.
When he was 7 years old, his grandma saw him being wasteful with the bones and taught him to break bones with teeth. He says that was the best thing that ever happened to him! He madly fell in love with the bones and hardly, threw away any bone without having the marrow. But it all changed when he was 14, and was attending a wedding ceremony. His mom saw him eating bones there and scolded him for it, explaining to him that it was immodest to eat bones in public places.
He did research to see was whether there were any reason for such behavior that gave rise to the convention of not eating bones in public. His findings were quite shocking as he shared: 'bones are very rich in vitamins and minerals and in fact very nutritious for our health.'
As we were doing a lot of research to find solution to the food insecurity and the associated problems, we were aware of the fact that a significant number of people in our country are suffering from malnutrition, while we due to some odd convention throw away bones - complete waste of a food item so rich with nutrients. We decided to do something on that. As we requested to take the bones from our meal to home, the restaurant owner happily provided us with a box full of chicken bones. As soon as we reached home, we started looking for ideas to make use of the nutritional values of the bones. Then it all occurred to us that we can turn these bones into easily digestible form like soup and distribute it to the people suffering from malnutrition. Then we started our first attempt to soup from bones and it was a failure. It tasted disgusting. I asked mom for help and after listening to all our "adventures" she laughed, tasted it and found that we missed out on the seasoning. She then took care of the cooking and made the first perfect homemade version of SuperSoup.