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Our Model / Published January 10, 2016 by Shashank S

Shashank S

Our Model

The first step is to set up cold storage at the villages to enable proper storage of post-harvest. For this, solar powered cold chain is utilized considering that India gets an average 2800 hours of sunshine annually. The solar storage is empowered with 24 hrs Thermal back-up and 5-6 ton capacity.The flow of goods will be as follows: Farmer deposits his produce at the procurement centre where primary grading and sorting is done. The Procurement centres would be company owned and Franchisee operated(CoFo ProcurementCentres).Cofo Centres would be run by Farmer Produce Organisations, thus creating more jobs in rural areas(230jobs in the pilot phase)The produce is stored in the cold store till the order is generated from the hub.The hub is the centre for quality check, grading, sorting and packing based on retailer’s requirements.The hub procures from the procurement centres and packs based on the specifications as and when the retailer generates an order.The payment is received by the farmer through his bank account within two days. This model directly links farmer to the consumer reducing food wastage by 15% in the first five years. The farmer’s revenue increases by 5.55% and the customer pays 2.33% lesser. Moreover, a sustainable supply chain is materialized securing future production of fruits and vegetables.
In the second phase, the farmers will be provided extension services for increasing productivity. MayiSara would provide farm equipment on rental basis, seeds and fertilizers at wholesale prices to increase the productivity. Moreover, credit facility would be provided for ensuring affordability of the service. For this the team will have collaborations with banks and financial institutions.Our Target is to increase availability of food by 25% in 10 yrs.