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What motivates us / Published January 14, 2016 by Bruno Gabriel Alves

Bruno Gabriel Alves

What motivates us

According to the UN (united organizations) Brazil has the eighth largest social inequality in the world.This inequality occurs in many ways.Through the differences in access to quality education, of distribution unequal income and how can we expect access to quality feed.Thinking about this issue because they do not try to develop tools to reduce the size of inequality?Often this role is the government organization. At other times businesses may be in this place and try to create a business to make money and help people.It is precisely what the Free Food wants to create.In addition to people exchange, share and donate food.O freeFood believes it can expand the concern for self sustainability of feeding.The houses could have their own gardens and exchange your vegetables with neighborhoods.This is just one example of the possible application of the idea. The reality is that there are several examples.
Another idea that is too strong is the map of hunger.The freeFood want to map the locations where there is more need to receive food.The target audience are people who are in extreme poverty or in need of urgent food.So people who have food available can be voluntary help.The motivation to help people is to strengthen the human being and to society. But the dynamics of the human being gamification is a new branch that translates espirity of competition be human.So the application to think of a system that those who give food also virtual points that can be redeemed for real prizes.