Welcome Dhrub Das by
Ag for Hire

Welcome Dhrub Das / Published February 23, 2016 by Samantha Collins

Samantha Collins

Welcome Dhrub Das

Ag for Hire has enlisted the help of Dhrub Das as our new lead developer!

Dhrub: My name is Dhrubajyoti Das. My journey in web development started as a 12 year old, creating a website for my dad's company. His friends and customers started calling him just to appreciate his website. That's when I discovered my talent. Coming from a family with an entrepreneurship spirit, I started approaching local businesses making simple splash pages and slowly progressing to making complex ecommerce applications. I am currently an undergrad student at UC Davis.

I'm excited to join AgForHire as their lead developer to help the team realize their novel dream of solving a major problem in a largely ignored industry.