Please, think about unhealthier children in BENI by
Malisho Partners

Please, think about unhealthier children in BENI / Published December 15, 2016 by Da Ciku Mahinduzi

Da Ciku Mahinduzi

Please, think about unhealthier children in BENI

*****Lack of nutritionnal education is as real as common in several families in Africa. People eat, not to strengthen their health but to get fool. They never mind about their healthcare but what interest them is the quantity of food than its quality*****

We really fight against nutritional ignorance because the people who ignore about what they consum are likely more dangerous for their healthcare or for their community's.

*****In DRC, several children are dying because they have a lack of nutritious food; Their organisms are unable to fight against microbes, bacterians and other internal diseases like diarrhea, ameba...Many of them are also affected by pollution: water pollution, air pollution...*****
It is the time to think about suppliment foods (like soybeans) that could help fighting against this scourage.

Malisho Partners Team is sharing a testemony of this child you can see on the photo below.

"Tears are coming from my eyes; I don't know to whom I can convey my needs as my parents have passed away during the previous massacres in Beni.
What I need now is to survive... Nutritious foods could help me to recover my health... So, I know that I'm not alone in crossing the hunger situation. There are several guys here... I'm still hoping about recovering my health..."