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Global Foodies: ATTENTION / Published December 19, 2016 by Mohak Bhatia

Mohak Bhatia

Global Foodies: ATTENTION

A birds eye view of the world still shows how it being riddled with and overflowing with challenges for basic livelihood due to high levels of poverty, housing crisis and malnutrition. While malnutrition continues to be a growing problem, the past few years have seen even basic meals become inaccessible thus bringing in focus hunger to be a much larger problem than ever predicted. While there’s no one way to approach essential physical needs across diverse landscapes and communities in developing nations, the first step lies in understanding the issues and to prioritize them accordingly.

With the help of this infographic, we have tried highlighting some of the key issues plaguing developing nations around the world with a special emphasis on minors in distress due to hunger, bearing in mind that the children of today indeed hold the key to tomorrow and need to be protected at the earliest. Please let us know what your views on how you think we can best find a solution to and stir a conversation around the issue you find most urgent on our Facebook page at .