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Way To Go / Published January 5, 2017 by Hairil Fiqri

Hairil Fiqri

Way To Go

After our team got three and more of expert input, our newest plan for Feed It! is launching the new variant which formulated based on the nutrition need in the best composition of some livestock animal such as cattle, goat, chicken and fish. The formulation is based on the different need of material and kind of nutrition are calculated precisely in the new variant. In Feed It! Fish we also consider about the shape by doing pelleting using extruder. Later on, Feed It! will make more variants and also classify each exists variant into some growth stage of the livestock. This is the way of Feed It! will stand out with quality, precision and affordability to the farm marketing sector, not only taking places as profit pursuing business but also giving a significant change and big advantage to the stock-farmer and the future livestock supply.