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Expert input #3 / Published January 9, 2017 by Diego Barba Gonzales

Diego Barba Gonzales

Expert input #3

Dr. Roberto unterladstaetter k.
PhD in weeds
"The idea of making a nursery is fantastic because the producing areas do not perform a good management of the fruit trees and there is no doubt that 80% of the fruit that we are eating, with the exeption of the orange and the banana, are being imported from neighboring countries, and the fruit-growing business should be profitable. Before introducing new species we should work in the handling since this is the reason why they fail. The farmers should mirror the ant's work focusing on the needs of the community, working as teams and sharing good practices. They should also identify leaders in the community that act like lighthouses to guide and illuminate the others. These "lighthouses" farmers must be trained and receive support so that they can reach out to other farmers that can follow on their steps. It is natural for people to follow what works well and generates profits; they should use a sort of revolving fund to be sustainable, maintaining a base fund . I would recommend talking to the IBC to work with a substitution program"