From raw jackfruit to cooked cutlets - prototyping madness! by
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From raw jackfruit to cooked cutlets - prototyping madness! / Published January 15, 2017 by dhanishta meetoo

dhanishta meetoo

From raw jackfruit to cooked cutlets - prototyping madness!

The jackfruit was washed to remove twigs and dust particles and then sliced, peeled, trimmed and cut into small cubes.

A chemical dip is then performed. This is to ensure the jackfruit maintain its texture, color, and also has an extended shelf life. After some experimentation, we used a chelating agent, citric acid, which binds to the metal ion to sequester divalent ions, since the presence of copper ions is essential for PPO to be active. There is still room to explore on different agents.

They were then blanched at approximately 95 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. Blanching inactivates enzymes which are responsible for browning. Care is taken that the jackfruit is neither under blanched as this will stimulate enzymes which is worse than no blanching nor over blanched that can result in cooked texture and quality loss.

Furthermore, the jackfruit were left to cool for around 15 minutes and then sealed in a plastic bag which was left in the freezer for 5 days.

Afterwards, the frozen jackfruit was thawed for about 15 minutes at room temperature. The pre treated jackfruit were boiled for 15 minutes and then they were left to cool.

After cooling, the jackfruit was mashed and mixed with boiled potatoes and spices and made into shape of cutlets. Finally, the cutlets were fried and served hot.