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<Way to Go> / Published January 15, 2017 by Pearl Ray

Pearl Ray

<Way to Go>

We are just a few hours from the ultimate decision we all, as future food-entrepreneurs are eagerly counting our stars on and eagerly awaiting. Our team at SoFood, after a number of brainstorming sessions, literature surveys, prototype and user testing, expert feedbacks have arrived back to our creative space, the white board!

The above picture traces our iterations and reiterations as we clearly define the input, activity, output, outcome and impact of the concept and project we have undertaken, throughout the path.

Input: Resources used- solar energy, vegetables rejected from being transported to market as fresh produce, and solar conduction dryer
Activity: Solar Conduction Dryer converts the perishable vegetables into value added dried powder products.
Output: These products are in the form of soups and shakes, which cater to deficiency prone age groups, women and children.
Outcome: This overall activity has led to the reduced food wastage and converted into a food security infrastructure, and provided farmers job and income stability.
Impact: Our Global goal of eliminating malnutrition from the face of earth, we have reached the target before 2050.

Our Key Priorities are
1. Convince local farmers the benefits of this technology, and set up full fledged business models
2. Packaging Infrastructure
3. Product re-iterations for consumer experience.
4. Scale from 264 present dryers to 1000 by end of 2017, to expand the dried food market and curb malnutrition step by step.