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Expert Input / Published January 15, 2017 by Himawan Auladana

Himawan Auladana

Expert Input

This product is an alternative solution for produce biorefinery product. As we know food flavors is a important ingredient in food industry especially vanillin. The production of natural vanillin is limited and many industry use shyntetic vanillin. The lignocellulose biomass with lignin content determines enzymatic digestability of plant waste biomass for producing biofuels or bioproduct such as vanillin, ferulic acid etc. Two important aromatic compounds; benzaldehyde and vanillin. Developed a method for extraction and characterization of lignin and hemicelluloses from biomass using microbiology bioconversion. These can be extracted as platform chemicals on an industrial scale for synthesizing further valuable products. The predominant products were vanillin and syringaldehyde. Minor quantities of coumaric acid and ferulic acid were also obtained.

Irnia Nurika, STP. MP. PhD.
Lecturer of Agroindustrial Technology, Agricultural Technology Faculty University of Brawijaya