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Expert Input (4) / Published January 23, 2017 by Bruna Rodrigues de Almeida

Bruna Rodrigues de Almeida

Expert Input (4)

And we continue to receive expert advices and this is our first international orientation :) Thank you so much to Dr. Davy McCracken for responding our request for contact and for your precious advices.

Dr. Davy McCracken - Professor of Agricultural Ecology and Head of Hill & Mountain Research Centre at SRUC: Scotland's Rural College. Head of Hill & Mountain Research Centre within the Future Farming Systems Research Group, he also works at European level on impact of Common Agricultural Policy on farmland biodiversity. His main areas of expertise include: agricultural ecology, farmland biodiversity, agri-environment policies. As particular areas of expertise include: farming-wildlife interactions, european high nature value farming systems, impact of CAP reform on biodiversity. He obtained his PhD by the University of Glasgow (1990) in Agricultural Ecology, conducted at the West of Scotland Agricultural College

To contact him: