Solar Powered Tricycle Prototype 1 by

Solar Powered Tricycle Prototype 1 / Published April 15, 2018 by Reginald Victor Runyoro

Reginald Victor Runyoro

Solar Powered Tricycle Prototype 1

The global population is growing and climate change is threatening food security. It is our responsibility as young talent entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions to avoid food loss and food wastage in order to eliminate food insecurity and poverty in developing countries especially in Tanzania. Our team, Arusha Eco-Transport has been under an intensive design thinking on how to bring up an innovative solution to discard food loss and food wastage in Tanzania and luck enough, in collaboration with the local community in Arusha city - we have come up with an Eco-friendly solar powered tricycle that could be used to handle, store and distribute food from the farms, to the distributors, suppliers, markets and the final food consumers in order to avoid the huge gap of food supply chain that exist in Tanzania. The solar powered tricycle is an innovative idea which aims to eliminate post-harvest food losses and increase income of the small-scale food beneficiaries as well as improve economic empowerment in Arusha city and Tanzania as a whole.
According to Victoria Runyoro, a Masters student at The Catholic University of East Africa - "I wasn't much concerned about food waste and food loss, until i was invited and motivated to participate in two global student competition (Shell Ideas 360 and Thought for Food) which both sparked my interest of engaging with the communities to find solutions of changing the behaviour of how humans produce and consume food - which results to 50% food loss and the increase of food insecurity and poverty in Tanzania. She adds, i believe that if people in Arusha city and Tanzania as a whole will change their behaviour on food production and consumption, food loss and wastage will be reduced to 5% by the year 2050 and it will be possible to feed the human population of +9 billion.
The solar powered tricycle prototype is the first Eco-friendly food storage and distributor which is mounted with solar panel refrigerator that will be used to store food especially fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and green legumes for about 3 days without getting spoilt and loss due to the innovative handling, storage and distribution method.
The solar powered tricycle will also have two rechargeable batteries that will be used to store electricity power from the conversion of the solar energy, and will be used in case the sunlight is not out - during rainy seasons. The solar powered tricycle will have a solar collector that will be used to transform the solar energy into electricity and then the electricity will be taken to the electricity motor engine which will push the tricycle from place to another and will charge the fridge for sustainable handling and storage of food when delivering from the farms to the food distributors, food suppliers, food markets and final food consumers.

Instead of purchasing a lot of food from the market, the solar powered tricycle is ready to delivery food at your door and at your shop at time when an order is made by the consumer and other food beneficiaries. The solar powered tricycle will reduce time-wastage for most people when they demand food and the solution will narrow the huge gap that exist in the food supply chain by cutting the increasing supply chain of food distribution to improving the food supply chain value.

We know that more technologies are coming, using mobile applications for food delivery and so forth but this one is the best innovative solution because it will be using Short Messages Services (SMS) system to deliver information to the food farmers/producers, to the food distributors, to the food markets, to the food suppliers and the final food consumers in order to avoid the unsystematic production and consumption of food by food beneficiaries.