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Ento Piruw

Lunch at home Piruw / Published April 16, 2018 by Danella Matheus

Danella Matheus

Lunch at home Piruw

Normally the insects shouldn’t include as a part of the dish of food, however in house in La Molina (Lima, Perú), the opposite happens. Some dishes that are prepared in our house have crickets and tenebrios as a protein source, substituting the chicken and meat. The flavour and texture of the crickets are similar to the shrimp, while enebrios don’t have a defined flavour and the texture is something oily.
The image attached show the crickets in the baking process, then they are incorporated into a good dish.
The nutritional value, higher in protein, fatty acids and vitamins, make it the perfect substitute, beside the place where the animals are raised are smaller compared to other traditional breeding.