Testing the solar powered tricycle prototype by

Testing the solar powered tricycle prototype / Published April 16, 2018 by Reginald Victor Runyoro

Reginald Victor Runyoro

Testing the solar powered tricycle prototype

Leo Leo Eco-Transport team went out to test the solar powered tricycle with the local Arusha city community members including the local food vendors in the food markets, supermarkets, food distributors and suppliers, schools, hospitals and the final consumers (at their homes).
It was a brilliant day, because we captured a lot of suggestions and compliments as well as feedbacks about the solar powered tricycle from the local communities. At first, it was very challenging to engage with the targeted food beneficiaries, however our engagement was very social and outstanding because we kept ourselves into the communities shoes in order to deeply understand how the solution will work and benefit the local food beneficiaries especially the local small-scale farmers, food vendors, distributors and suppliers as well consumers.
One suggestion that the team will work on was presented by the local food vendors in the city markets, whereby the said that - "food business has deteriorated because a lot of local food vendors are everywhere in the streets selling food and also that they get a lot of challenges when purchasing foodstuffs from the distributors and suppliers because they increase the prices of the foodstuffs because the distributors and suppliers believe that the local food vendors highly need the food to do business. They added that - they pay a lot of money to get their foodstuffs delivered to their work areas because of lack of proper distribution base. Also, they said, they lost and waste a lot of food because they end up buying more foodstuffs for business, which as a result need up not getting bought because the demand for is not as it used to be because their a lot local food vendors in the streets.
Both the local food vendors in the streets, the supermarkets, distributors and consumers (schools, hospitals and homes) complimented that the solar powered tricycle is a new idea that they have heard of it before and they believe it will narrow the huge gap of food supply chain value in Arusha city in order to avoid the increasing food loss and wastage which contributes to food insecurity, poverty and lack of economic empowerment.