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Going Through Again / Published April 24, 2018 by Reginald Victor Runyoro

Reginald Victor Runyoro

Going Through Again


Design thinking is never easy, and design thinking is a state of mind. Design thinking is a human-centred approach of understanding the society challenges and turning those challenges into potential opportunity areas. It’s a holistic approach to problem solving and business thinking that employs empathy, ideation,
prototyping and experimentation to solve real-world issues.

* Below are few things our team loved about Design Thinking:
(i) It’s crazy collaborative.
(ii) It promotes learning-by-doing approach and even suggests that failure is a good way to learn.
(iii) It insists business people and entrepreneur to keep focused on humans and human needs.
(iv) It relies on both creativity and logic.

It is important to note that design thinking solutions can be matched to specific business challenges. Whereby every successful business growth needs a strategy, and every strategy needs a story.
And this is our story - last year November, we connected with Thibault Geerardyn from VECO - Belgium, which is currently known as Rikolto - Belgium.
Mr. Thibault came up with a great entrepreneurship training for youth from ages of 18 to 35 from Arusha and Mwanza Region in Tanzania. The entrepreneurship training took 4 weeks and it is known as Food for the Future. During the training and having gone through the different steps of design thinking, our team spotted a lot of society challenges including food market access, food storage, food distribution, food or agricultural knowledge and food handling. While brainstorming with the team, and going back to the communities to co-create on potential matters concerning those challenges - it came to our concern that we could combine responsible handling, storage and distribution of food to eliminate post harvest food losses and wastage that most local food vendors and distributors encountered which is about 45% according to the FAO.
Such a remarkable story could be a business challenge which needs growth in creating a clear, consistent and vision of the future of food security in Arusha city and Tanzania as a whole.

Stories not only depict plausible visions of the future, stories also
created shared meanings and built human connections. In addition, stories where a great way to share an idea's true values and purposes.

The story above mainly included the end users or the local communities whom are faced by post harvest food losses and wastage as well as poverty and decrease of crop yield due to climatic change and lack of food market access. Under storytelling, the team has spent a lot of time bridging or connecting not only with the local communities but also the local government and other non governmental agencies.

We believe that our story, which has been modified by the local Arusha city community members, government and non-governmental agencies shall rule the society and our story is a great thing done by a series of small of things done together.

Lastly, the story created during this design thinking lab is about real people and good food as well as reliable and access to productive usage of energy or electricity (PUE) that will tug the heart strings of Arusha city community members and Tanzania as a whole with a clear understanding of our audience and continues with character and plot
development that is authentic and believable and delivered in a fresh style.