Global Foodies 1 by
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Global Foodies 1 / Published April 27, 2018 by Saundra Rosallina Lutfi

Saundra Rosallina Lutfi

Global Foodies 1

Food is not only a basic human need, where in conventional thought, without food human will die. But in this modern era food is not only for human survival, but also a culture, characteristic, and lifestyle. This is because the progress of the global era that makes the entry out of information spread more easily with technology. The positive side of getting rushed out the entry of information is that humans are better able to know from upstream to downstream all things about food, so what is consumed everyday is a good food only. While the negative side of the global era of food is a modern lifestyle that makes humans need practicality because of the activity is very solid. They set aside the main meaning of food, that is for survival, in this case is to ignore the elements of that food.