Global Foodies 2 by
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Global Foodies 2 / Published April 27, 2018 by Saundra Rosallina Lutfi

Saundra Rosallina Lutfi

Global Foodies 2

In addition to the human body or the downstream form of food-food eaten by humans, food today is also highly influenced and influential for the environment. In this case there will be a life cycle that continues to rotate over time and will happen accumulation. Good and bad accumulation obtained is determined from the beginning of the given treatment. If food originally grown in the environment using hazardous materials, one of which is a chemical, then provided by the environment is a food that is harmful to humans. Over time there will be some disturbance if the cycle is ongoing. So it's good to start planting again in a good way. Like a proverb - what you harvest the result depends on what you plant.