Global Foodies 3 by
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Global Foodies 3 / Published April 27, 2018 by Saundra Rosallina Lutfi

Saundra Rosallina Lutfi

Global Foodies 3

When taking a conclusion, then global food is an issue that continues to evolve with the times. The longer the growing issues nobody knows, the more profitable or even the opposite, the more dangerous. It depends on our policy, from upstream that is always planting in a good way, to downstream that is always choosing good food and always pay attention to what elements into our bodies. It makes us a global society that not only pursues a time that is getting narrower in the global era, but the main thing is the need to love ourselves, love the fellow beings, and the earth as our place to live by using the way and the good materials in every stages of the process because they will accumulate and will feel the impact, good or bad and sooner or later.
-Love your food, Love your body, Love your world