INSIGHT+INSIGHT+INSIGHT 3 / Published April 28, 2018 by Anggara Nur Rushydi

Anggara Nur Rushydi


Feedento will be able to compete with other corned products that using beef as their raw material on the market. One of the advantages of feedento is having a cheaper price compared to other corned beef product. From the diagram above, can be known the cost analysis of each products based on raw materials. The main raw material of feedento is mealworm which has a price of Rp30.000 /kg. Meanwhile beef has a price of Rp.110.000/kg which is used as the main raw material of corned beef in general. Other than that, feedento is also made from other supporting materials such as oregano, rice, cassava flour, garlic, cinnamon, salt, water and chili powder. And corned beef using supporting materials such as water, salt, and sugar. The thing that can make the price of Feedento more cheap is a starter that can be used repeatedly because these microorganisms can be re-grown, meanwhile corned beef products requires chemical compound such as Natrium nitrate for curing process that if it used in large production will cause a fairly large expense.