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Enterprise Consulate / Published May 4, 2018 by Sebastian Linares

Sebastian Linares

Enterprise Consulate

Hi ! This is Enterprise Consulate, the platform that will help you to make new business in record time.
I want to introduce Johnatan, a farmer that has to travel four hours daily from his farm to give samples of his product. When he finally find a customer, he has to think ¿how is he going to deliver his products?. He has to exchange many calls and emails, ask for referral letters from other customers and find the support of a guild justo to make his potential client finally buy his product. If he doesn´t make this things, he has to wait for a truck that buy his product for very low prices and without intention to negotiate. This happen to 2 million companies just in Colombia. This is the reason Enterprise Consulate born, a platform that allow you to reduce the search and negotiation time between companies thank to a system that connect your offer with just companies that could meet your requirements, and let your product find who need to buy it.