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Team at work / Published May 5, 2018 by Alix Camus

Alix Camus

Team at work

Meet our super motivated and talented team :
- Paavan Bhargava – Management Consultant with six years experience in developing market entry strategy, performance improvement strategy, pricing and regulatory advisory for clients in emerging markets like India.
- Alix Camus – Former Managing Director of a private lobbying organization supporting French corporations expanding to Africa, with an international experience in project management for the fertilizer industry in West Africa.
- Varad Deshpande – Entrepreneur with six plus years of experience in growing a sustainable restaurant chain serving healthy and nutritious egg preparations. Strategy consultant at ‘The Food Assembly’, a food sustainability consultancy with a vision to establish short food supply chains.
- Katharina Lunenberg – Management Consultant with comprehensive experience in international project management, communication and organizational development.
- Toms Mathew – Entrepreneur in the global agro-commodities space with significant experience in developing supply chains and understanding market mechanics.