Meet Ankit, our typical user by
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Meet Ankit, our typical user / Published May 6, 2018 by Alix Camus

Alix Camus

Meet Ankit, our typical user

Meet Ankit, our favorite farmer!
Ankit is an Indian smallholder farmer living in a remote village. He owns 2 acres of land on which he grows wheat. He never had any technical training on agricultural practices, hence he cultivates his crop based on the knowledge shared by his peers in his village.
Ankit needs to take a loan every season in order to buy the necessary inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, small equipments...) to grow wheat. Given he doesn't have any training, his seasonal yield is much lower than what it could be due the quality of his soil. Therefore, Ankit is not making enough money to live from his agricultural activity. He has to practice a second job to be able to feed his family and he is rarely able to reimburse his loan.
FarmBuddy is here to change Ankit's life, to bring him financial stability and allow him to make a living out of his hard work in the field.