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Meet the team! / Published May 7, 2018 by Sam Coggins

Sam Coggins

Meet the team!

We met last year through an entrepreneurship course at our university and instantly hit it off. Joseph is passionate about social entrepreneurship, Chandan is determined to help his home country develop and Sam is dedicated to supporting smallholder farmers. We quickly realized we could combine our common values and diverse experiences to have a crack at sometime meaningful (and have fun on the way).

Joseph Shen (B. Commerce and Civil Engineering)

Joseph contributes extensive experience in entrepreneurship and handy programming skills.

• Created a social enterprise cafe in Nepal and raised $40,000 in start up costs.
• Interned at Snappr (startup that went through Y Combinator).
• Codes Java and Python and speaks Chinese and Russian.

Chandan Kumar (B. Civil Engineering)

Chandan brings local networks as well as a deep understanding of Myanmar’s cultures, languages and agricultural supply chains.

• Lived in Myanmar until he came to Australia for university.
• Worked with smallholder farmers for twelve months in his father’s pulse processing business in Myanmar.
• Fluent in Burmese, Hindi and Bhojpuri.

Sam Coggins (B. Science in Agriculture)

Sam offers agricultural science knowledge and experience working with smallholder farmers.

• Interned at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines.
• Studied agricultural science for a semester in Sri Lanka.
• Working with smallholder farmers at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.