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Expert Input / Published May 7, 2018 by Muhammad Arwani

Muhammad Arwani

Expert Input

Biopavart is one of solution for increase the rice productivity. As we know, rice is one of main food in the world especially in Indonesia and it’s needed for big amount. However rice productivity in Indonesia is decreasing because many factors. One of them is planthopper attack. Planthopper attack can cause several damage for rice plant such as plant’s loss of vigor, reduction in tiller number, increase in unfilled grains, decrease of rice productivity until 10-50% and big losses for farmers. Therefore Biopavart as solution for helping the farmer. Biopavart consist of machine and bioinsecticide. The blue lamp is one of part biopavart machine and it have function for invite the planthopper. Then, the sensor will detect the planthopper. The sensor is other part of biopavart machine. This sensor have function for detect the planthopper. The sensor which is used in biopavart machine like a light sensor type ldr. The work principle of this sensor is light existence. If the light is reduced, it will activate the resistor. So, the machine will be on off automatically and the sprayer will spray the bioinsecticide to the insects. This concept have big impact for farmers in Indonesia and in future, it is needed improvement.

Agung Sugeng Widodo, ST., MT., Ph.D
Lecturer of machine engineering
Engineering Faculty
Bawijaya University.