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Supercharge Your Diet! / Published May 7, 2018 by Samin Yasar

Samin Yasar

Supercharge Your Diet!

How this idea would work in solving malnutrition was not an assumption but already proved. The mushroom community that developed around the Savar area according to the narrative of our friend had already achieved that stage of implementation but died down due to lack of proper marketing and funding. Further research from around the globe led us to believe more in our concept. Real life examples of mushrooms being treated as a viable solution to malnutrition by different organizations, government gave our idea more solid ground. With our idea having enough legitimacy we focused more on how the business model for it could be made into a self-sustainable one.Thus our decision to become a non-profit or more precisely a social business. Also the additional income bit of our business model gives us a brighter picture where the involved population can earn a minimum allowing them access better food while consuming nutritious food.Thus,addressing food security partially. Mushroom consumption in our country has developed in such a way that it's not avialable in general local markets nor do people consume it in general.We also believe that re-branding it properly can set a lot of notions straight,break stigmas and normalize the consumption of mushroom as a general edible.