The Last Push by
Super Shroom

The Last Push / Published May 9, 2018 by A K M Tousif Tanzim Ahmed

A K M Tousif Tanzim Ahmed

The Last Push

Preparing the submission contents for TFF 2018 was an absolute hectic experience. All of the team members being university students we had to put in extra effort managing the time for TFF. Quite a few classes had to be sacrificed along with attendance marks to get a lot of the work done.With all the members being from different years, we had classes at different time schedules. Time tables had to juggled in between classes to manage day to day activities. There were some tasks we left for the day before submission and that almost made us miss the deadline. All our submission contents were revised and ready.Just some mini edits for the concept video were left. Suddenly we started facing some unexpected technical difficulties with the audio for the concept video in the last few hours.Including the video narrator, half of the team members were attending their exams at the university at that time. There was a mild panic building into a massive one. But the issues were managed nevertheless and we were able to upload the video minutes before the deadline breathing a sigh of relief. I'd say the tension and rush made it an experience to remember better.