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Pitch map / Published May 19, 2018 by Philip Seifi

Philip Seifi

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We've now pitched over 50 restaurants around Lagos, interviewing their owners and general managers.

In the process, we've heard incredible entrepreneurial stories. From a vegan who after 11 years and three failed attempts managed to kick-start a vegetarian movement in his hometown, to an aspiring forensic scientist who went from a restaurant clerk internship to managing one of the top restaurants in the city, these meetings will stay with us as we continue on our journey.

The feedback so far has been incredibly positive, and we continue learning more about the hospitality industry and food waste. We've further validated the sctope of the problem, with some restaurants throwing up to 100 portions of food a day in the bin.

Over the next several days, we will continue onboarding partners for our soft launch later in the summer, and train a small team of volunteer salesepeople we've met on the trip.