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A team statement; On Time, On Target / Published November 25, 2015 by Ogechukwu Moweta

Ogechukwu Moweta

A team statement; On Time, On Target

A pyramid energiser in every home, keeping our food's freshness and vitality, as well as minimizing food waste.

Some insights from our define mode / Published November 25, 2015 by Victor Agape

Victor Agape

Some insights from our define mode

Insight + Insight + Insight
1) Fruit sellers usually sell their produce below profitable margin because they lack the facilities to store the food.
2) Most people prefer their meals fresh and preserved properly rather than see it perish and eventually wasted.
3) Pyramids and pyramid energisers inhibit the entropy of micro organisms that decay food, leaving the food fresh with its vital nutrients intact.

Facts obtained - Global foodies / Published November 25, 2015 by francis ogboko

francis ogboko

Facts obtained - Global foodies

through research, a lot of findings were recorded about global food issues, we decided to post a few of them here
1) Deforestation is a major issue, causing the loss of whole ecosystems around the globe and the newly recovered land-space still rarely contributing significantly to the food supply.
2) Agriculture accelerates the loss of biodiversity, especially natural habitats of rare species.
3) Over 30% of food produced is wasted along the chain, either rotting in the fields or discarded by apathetic consumers.

Victor Agape

Paths of change in undernourishment: raising average consumption versus reducing inequality
I stumbled upon this excerpt that discusses the FAO's perspective towards 2015/2030 world agriculture. And Nigeria was a case study for nourishment as to whether to consider average consumption by reducing inequality. That is, implementing fair distribution.

Delivering a sound presentation / Published November 16, 2015 by Victor Agape

Victor Agape

Delivering a sound presentation

Hey guys. I found this on the TFFers facebook group. It makes a lot of sense. Watch it. And We'll talk about the lessons we learn and the tools we can pick up to apply to our presentations and our final pitch.

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